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Branch Locations
Photo of a Centreville Bank branch location
Need to find one of our locations? Visit our branches section for maps, hours and contact info.
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Gregory S. Allin

Peri Ann Aptaker

Kathleen A. Bartels

Robert A. Bjorklund

Raymond J. Bolster, II *

Kevin A. Breene

Arthur J. Brown

Wendy A. Bucci

Henry G. Caniglia

Ronald J. Caniglia

Philip Casacalenda, III

Sandra Coletta

Dr. B. Gerard Coppolelli

Thomas J. Cronin

James K. Crosby

Thomas DeAngelis

Craig J. Delfino *

Jillian J. DeShiro

Colleen M. Dickson

Michael R. Durand

Jonathan K. Farnum *

Stacy B. Ferrara

John P. Gallogly

G. John Gazerro, Jr. *

* Retired Trustee


David M. Gilden

Brian Harbour

Stephen P. Higginbotham

Robert J. Holmes *

James A. Hopkins

Andrea M. Hopkins

Harold M. Horvat

Robert A. Iannotti, Jr.

James E. Joly

Kenneth Jones

John M. Kelly

Dr. Patricia Koch, O.D. *

Roy A. LaCroix, Sr.

Thomas J. Lamb, Jr.

Ned McCrory

Gerald J. McGraw

Alfred R. Mendes

Kevin P. Millonzi

Susan P. Moore

Mark R. Noble

Anthony J. Paliotta

Robert O. Pare *

Dr. Fred T. Perry

Glen S. Petit

Robert C. Reynolds, DDS

Walter F. Richardson, III

Gerald M. Roch

John P. Roch

Raymond J. Roch

Geoffrey E. Rousselle

Jennifer K. Ruzzo

John L. Ruzzo

David M. Sheppard

David J. Skurka

Mark D. Tourgee

Michael R. Tousignant

Anthony J. Vessella

Thomas A. Vessella

Thomas M. Walsh

S. Keith White, Jr.