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Branch Locations
Photo of a Centreville Bank branch location
Need to find one of our locations? Visit our branches section for maps, hours and contact info.
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Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Harold M. Horvat
President & CEO, Centreville Bank


Peri Ann Aptaker
Shareholder, Director Wealth Management, KLR

Henry G. Caniglia
President, Eastern Food Industries

Colleen M. Dickson 
Retired, Vice President & CFO of McLaughlin & Moran, Inc.

David M. Gilden 
Partner, Partridge Snow & Hahn, LLP

Stephen P. Higginbotham 
Retired, Senior Vice President - Commercial Lending, Citizens Bank

Andrea M. Hopkins
Retired, Assistant Vice President, University of Rhode Island

James A. Hopkins
Retired, Vice President, Wardwell Braiding Machine Co.

Thomas J. Lamb, Jr.
Retired, President & CEO, Centreville Bank

Edward F. McCrory
Partner, PKF O'Conor Davies, LLP

Mark R. Noble
Retired, Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Finance, RBS Citizens

Walter F. Richardson, III
Attorney, Law office of Gazerro & Richardson