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Business Debit Card

Make your business transactions easier with our Debit Mastercard® BusinessCard®. It’s available with any business checking account and can perform ATM, PIN and signature-based purchases.

Every purchase and withdrawal is detailed on your monthly statement for easier money management, so there’s no more reconciling separate petty cash and checkbook registers.

  • Unlimited use at any Centreville Bank ATM
  • Multiple cards available
  • Use everywhere Mastercard® is accepted
  • Can be used at other bank ATM's* (charges may apply)
  • 90-day protection against theft/damage
  • Mastercard protection plans on most purchases

Apply in person. It’s fast and easy and our Customer Service Representatives are ready to help.

ATM Locations

SUM logoAvoid ATM surcharges when not using a Centreville Bank ATM– watch for the SUM® logo! When you see the SUM logo on an ATM you can rest assure that most of your ATM transactions will be surcharge-free. Please visit the SUM website for a complete list of SUM institutions.

Identity Theft Resolution Services

Helping to protect your identity and financial information, Mastercard now offers Identity Theft Resolution Services to all Mastercard cardholders. This service provides 24/7 access to Certified Resolution Specialists who will provide assistance should your identity be compromised or stolen. Please contact Mastercard directly at 800.MC.ASSIST (800.622.7747) to take advantage of these benefits or click here for a full description of benefits. If you would like to request a printed Guide of Benefits please call 401.821.9100. Centreville Bank is committed to helping protect you against identity theft.

Card Fraud Monitoring
We want to protect you from unauthorized transactions on your cards. Simply contact us if you are planning to travel or will be using your ATM card or Debit Mastercard in a manner that is not consistent with your normal activity or spending patterns.

Centreville Bank is continually expanding our ATM network so you can access your accounts – with no surcharge fee. Look for the SUM logo for access to your accounts. Thousands of ATM’s participate in the Sum® Alliance, so there’s one wherever you travel. Charges may apply at select SUM locations. SUM and design are trademarks of NYCE Payments Network, LLC.