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Identity theft is a form of fraud that happens when someone uses your personal information, such as your name, Social Security number, account numbers, and credit card number without your permission or knowledge. It is usually for their own personal gain and/or to commit crimes. If you believe someone has opened an account or conducted business with Centreville Bank using your stolen personal information, please call 401-821-9100.

No matter what the specific identity theft situation, has recommendations that can help. The new features on the site makes it easier for victims of identity theft to report it and recover from it. Some of the updated features include:

  • A personal recovery plan that guides you through each recommended step.
  • The option to update or create your personal plan and track your progress.
  • Access to print pre-filled letters & forms to send to credit bureaus, businesses, and debt collectors. 

Here are a few preliminary measures you can take to keep your personal information safe

Step 1: Keep passwords and important account information in a safe spot. Do not give your personal information to any untrustworthy sources or provide it through email or text message.

Step 2:  Be smart about your personal information when you're in public. Never leave your electronics (computer, mobile devices, etc) unattended. Be sure to log out of your online or mobile banking after you complete a session. Conceal your pin when using ATMs

Step 3: Always use secure passwords that contain upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Change your passwords every few weeks and do not use the same password for every website and account you have.

Step 4: Pay attention to account activity. Monitor your bank account's transaction history. If there is anything out of the ordinary, contact your bank immediately. No matter how small the error, there is a possibility that someone could have stolen your personal information to perform the transaction.

Step 5: Report any suspected identity theft to your bank immediately.