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Online Banking Security

Why Your Login Information is Secure.

Upon submitting your login information through any of our Personal Online Banking login forms on this website, the data is transferred to the secure server where our Online Banking system resides. This system is secured using the latest SSL encryption technologies which ensures the safety of all of your data, transactions and personal information while you are logged into your Personal Online Banking.

Mobile Banking Security

Centreville Bank is committed to making our customers feel confident using our mobile service anywhere and at any time. That is why we have developed a list of security tips for our customers to keep in mind when banking with any mobile device.

Security Tips:

  • Storing your device- Always store your mobile device in a secure location. Use the passcode lock on your smartphone and other devices. This will make it more difficult for thieves to access your information if your device is lost or stolen.
  • Sensitive information- Avoid storing sensitive information like passwords or a social security number on your mobile device.
  • Text messages- Never disclose via text messages any personal and/or sensitive information such as account number, social security number or date of birth. This could result in Identity Theft.
  • Lost device/new number-Tell your financial institution immediately if you change your phone number or lose your mobile device.
  • Malware- Protect your phone from viruses and malicious software, or malware, just like you do for your computer by installing mobile security software.
  • Downloading apps- Use caution when downloading apps and be sure to keep up with app updates. Apps can contain malicious software, worms, and viruses. Beware of apps that ask for unnecessary “permissions.”
  • Use with caution in public areas- Be aware of shoulder surfers. The most basic form of information theft is observation. Be aware of your surroundings especially when you’re punching in sensitive information.
  • Wi-Fi- Watch out for public Wi-Fi. Public connections aren't very secure, so don’t perform banking transactions on a public network. If you need to access your account, try disabling the Wi-Fi and switching to your mobile network. 
  • Beware of mobile phishing- Avoid opening links and attachments in emails and texts, especially from senders you don’t know. And be wary of ads (not from your security provider) claiming that your device is infected.
  • Cellphone trade-ins- Wipe your mobile device before you donate, sell or trade it using specialized software or using the manufacturer’s recommended technique. Some software allows you to wipe your device remotely if it is lost or stolen.
  • Log out- When you finish a mobile banking session, be sure to log out completely.
  • Report any suspected fraud to us immediately.

If you believe that someone has conducted a mobile or online transaction without your permission, or that your User ID or password has been compromised, please contact the Centreville Bank Electronic Banking Department at (401) 821-9100 ext.5365 for immediate assistance.